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Threedom Solutions - Inspiring people, improving performance

About Us

We’ve been around since 2009 but it’s fair to say we have evolved during that time into something we love, are proud to be part of and know really makes a difference.

In it’s simplest form we are about making things easier. Achieving your goals, communicating effectively, building solid and rewarding relationships and get the right balance of all elements of your life are all possible with a little help from Threedom. It works for us and can do for you.

Whilst what we do has changed a bit the way we do it remains the same.  In 2009 we agreed our values, to us it was simple. We will always operate with honesty, integrity and empathy. If we say we will do something we will and if we make a mistake, we will admit it. There is no such thing as perfect. It is how we work with clients, suppliers and each other. Sometimes that means we are not the right people for a job and that’s fine because it means the job isn’t the right thing for us. However, if your values are our values and you believe work should be fun then we are the right people (especially if you have an aversion to acronyms, new words for old principles and general peacocking).

Don’t just take our word for it – hop onto the testimonial page and see what our lovely clients have to say.

Strengths coaching

Janie Lambeth

I established Threedom Solutions in 2009 as a way to challenge myself, change career, bring up a young family, earn a living and make a difference. I’m proud to say I’ve done that with a lot of help from some very special people along the way.

Passionate about people being true to themselves, understanding their impact and making life a little easier I feel privileged to now be able to spend my time using such positive interventions to help others.

What do you get working with me? Well, to describe me in a nutshell I am an introverted extrovert, I love people and solitude. I invite you to make the most of my creativity, enthusiasm, optimism and confidence but please forgive my inattention to detail and occasional lapses in emotional control ?

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Michelle Fitzsimons

As is quite common these days, I am now on career number two. I had over twenty successful years in the extremely competitive worlds of Estate Agencies and Recruitment. I then took the most challenging job of all and had a family.

I now feel very privileged to be part of the Threedom team and thrive on the variety of my role which really does encompass everything.

Learning and working with the strengths profiling has taught me as much about myself as it has about others. Working with me you get a combination of courage, enthusiasm, optimism and persuasiveness which is at times formidable.  Don’t worry if I pepper it with compassion and common sense I can be kept in check.

Hard work, determination and an awful lot of resilience and persistence have always stood me in good stead; I pride myself on always being positive and honest. I believe a smile is contagious and a laugh is infectious.  Those who know me know my laugh really is infectious.

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Justine Paul

I’ll always be grateful to a fabulous HR Director who supported my squiggly career moves as a result of her belief in the power of strengths rather than operational experience. The opportunities I’ve had to work across a variety of Operational leadership as well as Learning leadership roles have given me a unique combination of skills and experience that give me an understanding of human performance when delivering organisational strategy that I’m delighted to share across the Threedom Solutions community.


My strengths in enthusiasm , self-improvement and the development of others can be infectious or exhausting, but are always well-intentioned and are the absolute drivers for joining a team who wholeheartedly reflect my desire to help people to be their best selves at work and to love the work they do. Being a decisive, creative thinker with high initiative I’m a reliable and autonomous business partner. Whereas my empathy, pinch of emotional transparency and sensitivity mean you always see the human in me!

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Relationships are about trust, we trade on it and make sure we only work with people who mirror our values, are experts in their field and really pack a punch with what they do. Our work can often overflow with HR, Communications and Recruitment to name a few. We have developed long standing relationships with our associates who support on many of our projects and we believe add incredible value to the service we provide when required. Not only are they brilliant at what they do,  they’re brilliant individuals to work with too!

We love what we do, and we’d love to tell you more

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