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Threedom Solutions - Inspiring people, improving performance


At Threedom Solutions we feel passionately that every business should be able to access high quality, effective training regardless of the size of your business or budget.

Our open courses are a cost effective way for individuals and small businesses to reap the benefits of the work we do.

INDIVIDUAL STRENGTHS DEVELOPMENT. Strengthscope profile and debrief


Strengthscope profile and 1 to 1 coaching session to debrief your profile.

Strengths based development turns traditional competency based development on it's head. Instead of looking for weaknesses to improve, learn to maximise your strengths, minimise the risks around your weaknesses and open up a world of improved motivation, engagement, communication, collaboration and, therefore, outcomes.

£170 VAT per person

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CAREER COACHING. Strengthscope profile and debrief


"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

It's the burning question many have never found the answer to.

Career coaching helps you narrow down the options and discover what job feeds your soul. What energises you and what motivates you.

Whether your a student trying to figure all this out, at a natural junction in your life or stuck in a rut. Career coaching is for you.

Using Strengthscope psychometric profiling we work with you to break it down and help you discover your strengths and what energises and motivates you. Essentially it's all about understanding what you need to operate at your best. Helping you realise what it is that feeds your soul as opposed to suck the life out out it.

£170 + VAT per person

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Developing Personal Resilience

Euroway House, Roydsdale Way, Bradford, BD4 6SE

There's no getting away from it, pressure is an inevitable part of life. Under pressure, our incredibly clever brains perform various tricks on us. Learn what they are and how you can best respond to it. You will leave with a greater understanding of the 7 resilient strengths, which you are good at and which will trip you up, if you're not careful.

Along with tips and tricks to stop your internal monologue from self doubt, impostor syndrome and negative self talk. A greater understanding of what puts you under pressure and quick wins to boost your mood when wine isn't an option!

Due to current Covid restrictions we don't currently have any dates marked for the next course. If you are interesting in attending please register your interest and we will be in touch with dates as soon as possible.

£145 + VAT per person

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